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This work is research based and although legal obligations are discussed within the text it is not to
be taken as legal or personal advice. Any reference towards legal activity is specific to the matter
referenced and can only be taken as a guide. It is not be viewed within a personal context as
individual circumstances vary.

Should situations arise whereupon a reader forms the view from reading this text that she has a
right at law, specific advice from a registered legal practitioner should be sought. Whilst the
researcher offers generalisations on aspects of law, such generalisations must be seen for what
they are, a subjective view relating to issues worthy of discussion and investigation.
Insurance policy and procedures are always subject to change. The work reflects facts as known
at the time of publishing and consideration should be given to legal and corporate policy changes
when read over time.

Within the text, reference and discussion in relation to the published research findings by Babiak
& Hare. 2007,
Snakes in Suits: When Psychopaths Go To Work; should be viewed holistically
within the subject matter of general corporate structure and is not intended to be viewed, or
assumed to be connected with any individual as having psychopathic tendencies that may be
mentioned or portrayed within the context of this book.