BOOK LAUNCH 2020  We officially launched on 24 June, 2020.  Prior to the book launch almost all of the first edition run was pre-sold.  We urge you to be quick to secure your copy.

The gathering of research data entailed a number of personal interviews from
a number of industry practitioners spread over several states, many called
upon more than once. Their valuable industry experience and insight
unearthed research data that was paramount in providing a solid foundation.
Such an input of personal industry experience gained over many years served
to underpin the historical context.

To protect those still in business from possible industry persecution I have
withheld names and business identification. I extend my gratitude for without
their willingness to supply information this publication would not have been

To be forearmed is forewarned.  It is too late after the event.

They know who they are and I thank them all for always finding the time they
shared with me to help further the cause of promoting commercial honesty
and integrity within the automotive insurance industry for the benefit of
Insurance providers, consumers, and smash repairs alike.

With thanks